The Best Vases & Shears - Our Favorite Vases and Shears


We get asked so many times a day what kinds of flower vases and rose pruning shears we like to use for our bouquets, so we thought we would share them all with you here! 
Our favorite decorative vessels to use for our bouquets or roses by the dozen flower arrangements are actually clear glass and ceramic pitchers!
They look so romantic and timeless, can add a vintage farmhouse feel to your living space, and plus they are multi-use, which is always amazing! Canisters also make a great vase! We just store the lids from the canisters for later use.
Without further ado, here are our favorite flower vases and garden shears!

Best Vases - Our favorites!


 The details on this vase are so beautiful! I love how subtle and decorative they are! 


I love the shape of this clear glass vase! Also, who doesn't love the adorable bee details?! Adding those minor touches to your home decor can really go a long way.



This is the perfect farmhouse style pitcher/ceramic vase! Multi-use, but we love it as a centerpiece for a lovely flower arrangement.


 The color of these bud vases is so romantic and looks amazing with our Brights bouquets!


The perfect timeless crystal glass vase! 


I love the shape of these clear glass vases! A little more modern, but still so beautiful! 


This clear glass pitcher is ideal for all your summertime flower arrangements and bouquets


Another timeless and classic glass pitcher vase! I love having a few options at my finger tips when I'm getting my roses ready for a vase! 


 I love thinking outside the box for my vases! This marble canister doubles as a great flower vase!


I love the symmetry of this flower vase! 


Can you tell I love having ceramic pitchers as vases?


If you have a blue kitchen, this pitcher vase is the best! The details are incredible and are a must for blue-themed home decor! 


Our Favorite Garden Shears


These are the best pruning shears if you want some rose pruners/garden shears that are multi-functional, but still a cute color! They also double down as some of the best pruning shears for small hands if you are a beginner, or if you just need the extra accommodation. :)

These are the best garden shears that we use in the field to cut our roses every day! From durability to effectiveness and ease of use, these garden shears are easily my all time favorite pair! 


 These are the best lightweight floral scissors for gardening! They are perfect for those who are extra meticulous about trimming the roses in their garden, or they can also be used as mini shears for indoor plants as well!

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading! Be sure to check out our other articles to see how Grace Rose Farms combines our passion for roses and flower arrangements with intentional home decor to provide you the floral experience you've always dreamed of.


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