Top 10 Favorite Rose Books

I personally own and love all of these books! At a time in life when we have everything we need accessible by google, I love being able to open a gorgeous book to get the information I need. The inspiration, information, and knowledge that I've gained from these books has been amazing! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! If nothing else, they make gorgeous coffee table books and can hopefully inspire you to plant a rose or two! And for those who have been asking, YES we are working on a book!!

The Rose by David Austin

This is the first big rose encyclopedia like book I ever bought. It’s full of gorgeous spreads perfect for showing off on a coffee table. This book has information about hundreds of rose varietals from Austin’s own English roses to old roses to moderns. The photographs are stunning and this book is one all rose lovers should own!

Botanica’s Roses Encyclopedia

This book is comprehensive, to say the least! For those who love the nostalgia of looking up something that interests them the old fashioned way (in a book), this encyclopedia is for you! Pretty much every rose ever bred through 1998 is highlighted in this book!

Old Roses and English Roses by David Austin

A perfect little handheld, soft cover book that covers select antique roses and Austin’s roses. Beautiful photography and tips on growing and selecting roses!

Roses: Pleasures and Treasures by Peter Coats

The history of the rose in a vintage fabric covered hardcover book. Detailed illustrations and discovery into the Rose over centuries.

The Ultimate Rose Book

A coffee table book with glorious photos of hundreds of varietals suites for growing at home. Garden planning, pest and disease identification and control and pages and pages of useful growing tips!

Roses by Phillips and Rix

This is one of my favorite Rose books. It’s simple but the photos are gorgeous and so true to color. A selection of roses from wild roses to antiques to moderns are included and shown how they pair so beautifully in the garden. Love this book!

Modern Garden Roses by Harkness

The history and lineage of hundreds of modern varietals. Many of these roses are commercially available and the photos are stunning!!

Vintage Roses by Jane Eastoe and photographed by Georgianna Lane

I love this book!! It’s the prettiest rose book that’s been recently published. The photos will take your breath away!! This book is full of information about the most romantic roses ever bred! A must get book and gorgeous on the coffee table!

The English Roses by David Austin

This book!! I love it so much. All of David Austin’s creations are so effortlessly captured in this stunning coffee table/resource book. Absolutely breathtaking images from his English gardens with roses climbing walls and draping over antique doorways. This book will make you swoon and want to plant roses immediately!!


Arranging Roses

A beautiful book on how to arrange and display your arrangements! I love that they include dried and fresh flowers!



David Austin Garden Roses

The world's most loved and cherished garden roses for English breeder, David Austin.

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