Rose Centerpieces & Bouquets for the Perfect Tablescape

We hope you are all having an amazing weekend! Gracie and Ryan are currently with their sweet newborn, Seraphina, in the NICU for a few weeks. They are both currently away from the farm and taking this time to bond with her and help her heal during this difficult time. You can read a little bit more about Seraphina's birth story here. Gracie and Ryan are so grateful for the prayers and continued love and support they are receiving for their new little family. 

Team Grace Rose Farm is stronger than ever, and we are all so excited for them as they start this new journey as a family of three! Today's blog post about rose centerpieces is coming from Abby! Hi there! I am the creative director here at Grace Rose Farm and so thrilled to be a part of this team. 

Now that things are slowly, but surely, starting to open up and allow for small social gatherings, we wanted to share how you can use one of our Grace Rose Bouquets to create beautiful rose centerpieces for your dream tablescape! Creating a beautiful ambiance for your guests is such a charming way to welcome them into your home again, and we are going to show you how to do just that! 

One of our blogger partners, Cortney Gough, created this luxury tablescape with a blush centerpiece and elegant bouquet, so we wanted to share some of our favorite tips from her luxury tablescape.


Any of our bouquet options would be perfect for your rose centerpiece styled occasion. We currently have three bouquet options, all of which have enough stems to decorate your table. You can collect extra greenery from your yard as well if you want to make your flower arrangement bigger! Not sure which vase to use for the event? We have a list of all our favorite vases HERE that you can choose from! 

Our largest bouquet with 24 Stems is our Classic Bouquet. This is a farmer's choice bouquet, so you will receive the freshest flowers that are currently blooming at our farm! 

Our Rosey Posey Bouquet is perfect for intimate gatherings. It is also farmer's choice, and full of 14 stems of fragrant garden roses! 

For the first two weeks of June, we also have an Exclusive Koko Loko & Distant Drums bouquet! This is a very limited 18 stem bouquet, so make sure you get one before they are gone! 


Food as decor

One of my favorite ways to add charm and beauty to a tablescape is with food and desserts! It's practical AND beautiful. Win win! I love finding pastries and cookies from local bakeries, but if you don't have access to any that you love locally, Whole Foods is a great option for pretty baked goods! A few of my favorite options for decorative food includes: Macarons, cupcakes, miniature cakes on different sized cake stands, sparkling wine or cider (the lighter pastel colors are always the prettiest for images for sparkling drinks), fresh fruit, and cheese platters! 

I always try to buy a variety of different foods to decorate the table with. It will allow everyone to find something they like, and the more variety you have, the more luxurious and pastel your tablescape will look!  


If you have the option to create your floral table design outside with a natural wood table, that is alway my favorite! One of the easiest ways to dress up a natural wood table without covering it with a tablecloth is cheesecloth! It's elegant, affordable, and we get ours in a large roll, so if it gets damaged or stained during your event or meal, you don't feel guilty about getting rid of the small amount you used! The unbleached natural white roll is what we love to use!


In my opinion, the more candles you add to a table, the better! The variation in height emphasizes your rose centerpieces, adds a lot of dimension to your table, and if you are using taper candles, the cheesecloth will catch any of the drips! These two toned blush and white taper candles are stunning! Unscented is always my preference for candles when food is being served. Too many scents can be overwhelming. 

The key for the taper candle holders is variation in height! This set is the perfect arrangement, since it comes with all three heights! 

Trays are another way to add more dimension and charm to your table arrangement! I love finding vintage wood trays to make a cheese platter with! If you can't find any vintage platters, World Market always has a variety of options for great prices!

I love creating my tablescape as a buffet style, then having a separate smaller table for plates, utensils, and napkins! It keeps things a little more casual and, who knows? If you're planning a marriage ceremony, it allows for you to add more items to your table setting, and maybe even some wedding flowers to add more floral blush.

 Thank you so much for taking the time to read our tips and tricks for the perfect tablescape! We are so grateful for your continued love and support! 


Team Grace Rose Farm 


Creative Direction, Styling + Photography by Cortney Gough
Styling + Vintage Wares by Casual Collective Co



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