caring for your garden roses

Care & Handling

For the best results with our garden roses, please follow the simple instructions below...


recieve your roses

Open your box immediately upon receipt. If you sent our garden roses as a gift, please notify your loved one that they have received a perishable gift.

unwrap your roses

Remove th outer packaging and the floral hydration sponge wrapped around the end of your roses' stems. This sponge was wet at the time of shipment and if it is dry, that mean your roses drank the water provided by the sponge.

process your roses

Process your garden roses by cutting the stems 1” at an angle with garden shears or sharp kitchen scissors. Remove any foliage that will fall below the water line of your vase. Immediately place garden roses in cold water with the flower food provided.

ongoing care

Please change the water in your vase everyday and keep your roses out of direct sunlight for the longest vase life. You can recut your garden roses to help them take up water. This will extend their vase life!

please note:

Your garden roses may arrive with a few discolored or wrinkled outer petals. These are called guard petals, nature’s way of protecting roses' delicate inner petals from bruises in transit. You can remove the guard petals or leave them, as once your roses open, they will be out of sight below the bloom.

Your garden roses will arrive as semi-bloomed buds and may take up to four days to fully open and reveal their frilly, romantic shape. It is a pleasure to watch garden roses bloom and change their shape each day until they're fully open.