Chatting all things flowers with The Flower Podcast

Recently I had the opportunity to get to know Scott Shepherd from the Flower Podcast and sit down with him for an interview. If you’re not familiar, Scott’s podcast centers around the cut flower industry. He’s had many of my colleagues in flower farming and floral design on his much-loved podcast to chat about life with flowers. Scott had planned to spend a few days at our farm this spring, but COVID altered our plans, so we’re looking forward to hosting him in the near future and showing him all that goes on at our rose oasis!

I really love the work Scott does. He’s uncovering what it requires to grow and work with flowers, shedding light on the sacrifice and investment required to work in such an inherently difficult field. In an industry that’s known for being beautiful, we got to talk about the realness of what we go through to produce such gorgeous, abundant bounty. The supply and demand challenges, the unpredictability of weather, shipping difficulties and then those times when all the chaos is so worth that one perfect flower that we get to share with our industry friends. I love how much Scott wants to share the stories of those of us who are working to make American grown flowers a thriving and beautiful industry. 

We are sponsoring The Flower Podcast in 2020 and will be appearing on Scott’s blog and podcast throughout the season. There’s so much I want to talk about from how we ship perishables, to going more into depth about organic growing, our husband and wife partnership, how we choose which roses to grow, building relationships with clients, scaling to meet demand and developing a sustainable business model as a cut flower grower. If there’s anything you’d like to hear me talk about, please let us know!

You can hear my interview with Scott HERE and read all out about our farm on his blog HERE

Some of our dear friends have been on The Flower Podcast. We hope you will listen! 

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