Dreams do come true

This spring is a monumental time for our little farm. Two of the things I pinned on my vision board years ago are taking place right now!! I’m a dreamer with lofty goals and I honestly wasn’t sure if either of these things would happen for us, so I’m extraordinarily thankful these doors have opened and are providing new exposure for our roses and recognition of our farm. 

Photos from Martha Stewart Living May 2020 by Gemma Ingalls 

As a forever homemaker, gardener and lover of all things domestic, it’s been a dream to be in Martha Stewart Living magazine. Well...we are!! You can find a feature about our husband and wife rose farming journey in the May edition! I can’t think of anything more perfect for us than to be in Martha Stewart Living as Martha herself is a talented gardener and lifetime lover of the rose. She has quite an extensive collection of coveted roses! In our feature you can see many of the roses we grow and learn more about how we farm, our journey from our backyard rose garden to growing ten acres of roses and our plans for the future. I provided some of my go-to rose care tips that are easy to incorporate for all gardeners. We are so thankful to the Martha team for contacting us and wanting to tell their readers what we do as growers and rose lovers. You can find the May edition of Martha Stewart Living in stores now or see part of the story online here.

I can’t believe I’m typing these words... We are partnering with Terrain and Anthropologie! I could not be any more excited about this new endeavor! I have been shopping for fashion and home decor from Anthro for two decades and their sister store, Terrain, for a number of years for garden items and outdoor furniture. We are so thrilled to announce we are officially a cut flower grower for the Terrain and Anthropologie brands and will be shipping our garden rose bouquets all over the United States to their customers! When people order flowers on their websites the flowers will be coming from directly from our farm.

Back when we first started our farm I had it on my vision board to do a collaboration with Anthropologie and Terrain. I wasn’t sure if it would be something like rose petal infused bath and body products, a paper goods line inspired by our roses or gardening tools and attire, but I thought about it nearly everyday. I knew one day we would work together because our brands are so aesthetically cohesive and I truly love their stores. When your heart speaks to you and you are really passionate about something for all the right reasons, things will align and happen!! When this opportunity to partner with them for our cut flowers came, I knew it was the answer to all my hopes and dreams and the beginning of a beautiful partnership with my absolute favorite brands. I am so hopeful about this collaboration and what can come in the future. I can see our own rose gardening tools in the works and hydrosol beauty spray made from our roses. I know the ladies who shop Terrain and Anthropologie will love our roses and we’ll be able to send them out into the world to so many new people!

I’ve been hesitant to share our good news because life is very challenging for so many people right now. If it weren’t for our shift in focus from wholesale for weddings to direct to consumer farm to table roses, we would be hurting so much. Our wholesale business to florists is non-existent because weddings are postponed for the spring and no one knows when they will return. This breaks my heart for the all the event florists we adore working with each week. Our feature in Martha Stewart Living where readers who love flowers can learn about our roses could not have come at a better time. Our partnership with Terrain and Anthropologie could not have even been considered if we were sending tens of thousands of our roses off each week for weddings. We simply could not handle the volume of both a thriving wholesale business for the wedding industry and nationwide farm to table roses. Doors close and doors open. Right now our wholesale floral business for weddings has paused due to the unfortunate circumstances surrounding COVID-19 and large events not being permitted. However, more than ever, people want to give and receive flowers. It’s one of the only things people can do for others since we can’t be together, so our farm to table roses with Terrain and Anthropologie could not have come at a better time!

The other thrilling part of this collaboration is that we will have a larger platform to be able to let people experience REAL flowers! What I mean by that is garden grown, non-toxic, fragrant, heirloom quality flowers that are grown with love. Not all flowers are created equally or grown the same way. For me, as someone passionate about growing flowers the right way (organically), having the reach of Terrain and Anthropologie let's us spread our message and help people understand the value of our flowers, much like how people now understand the benefits of organic produce over conventional produce. This excites me so much and I cannot wait to know what people think of our fragrant roses when they get their first whiff!

Friends, I challenge you to create a vision board. Whether it’s in your mind or on a physical wall. See it, manifest it and then make it happen. Open those doors, even when you’re scared of a huge commitment. Partner with likeminded people and organizations that allow you to bring beauty into others’ worlds. You never know when you might need to seek out new opportunities and when those looking for partners might find you!

We can’t wait to send our roses to you later this month. We've got three more huge announcements coming soon! Thank you for following along with our farm journey. We love having you here!!


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