Farmer's Day

Farmer's Day

Today is National Farmer’s Day, where we celebrate one of the world’s oldest and most vital professions. As you hopefully know, we sincerely appreciate not only the farmers that help us grow our beautiful roses but all the farmers that support the agriculture system around the world.

Never in a million years would I have thought that I’d be a farmer when I grew up and I’m pretty sure Gracie would have a similar feeling. Throughout our journey, the farmers we have met along the way have been some of the most wonderful and supportive people. Once we realized our backyard wasn’t big enough for our expanding business, we leased 2 acres of nutrient-rich farmland from a local family. The Brecunier family helped us set up our field, connect us with labor contractors and irrigation companies, taught us how to use a well, and even let us drive a tractor for the first time! They gave us the opportunity to establish a new dream and life of becoming farmers.

After our time at the Brecunier’s farm, we moved north and purchased a 10-acre farm in Santa Ynez. The area is typically known for wine and horses but we were warmly welcomed by so many of the local farmers. It’s not easy for me to ask for help but being in a new area and not knowing many people, I didn’t have much of an option. We recently met the Carhartt family at their winery and I called upon Mike for his farming advice. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to hear back from him anytime soon or with much info but I’ll never forget receiving a call back within 30 minutes and a full game plan. Mike had already spoken to three people and he instructed me on whom I should call first and then which people to reach out to next.

The support of both of these families made us feel so welcomed and encouraged us to continue this new life as farmers. Obviously, as our business has grown we’ve had many people join us and we strongly believe these are the true farmers of Grace Rose Farm. The years of experience and knowledge each individual has brought to GRF have made us appreciate their hard work and dedication every day. Gracie and I try our best to highlight our employees and tell their stories. Many of you helped support the Jaime family when Juan, our property manager for four years, was diagnosed with cancer and unfortunately, passed away earlier this year. Many of you celebrated when Fermin and his wife welcomed a new boy to their family. Many of you write in and appreciate the women that work in our barn and harvest roses in our fields. Gracie and I thank you for acknowledging these farmers that keep Grace Rose Farm going.

Our farm is back in Ventura County, where we started, and agriculture is one of the largest industries. You can drive past miles of row crops, berries, citrus orchards, and flowers and see the hard-working people out there every day. It’s incredibly tough work; without these hardworking individuals, we wouldn’t have food in stores or homes. To the Brecunier’s, Carhartt’s, our wonderful employees, and the many other farmers, we thank you for all that you do! You inspire us daily.

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