Rose season has begun!

Rose season has begun!! Just like that, in a blink of an eye, our fields have gone from a sea of bright green foliage to every color imaginable! Our long winter wait is over!!

Farming truly is something special. There is so much anticipation and anxiousness leading up to our spring flush. As I’ve learned over the years, it’s like turning on a light switch. The roses never seem to trickle in slowly to give us time to ramp up staff and train new hands. Our fields go from zero to 100 literally overnight. The quiet of our winter farm quickly vanishes and spring arrives at the very same moment!

This year the most unexpected thing has happened for us. Typically our spring wedding business builds up from mid April little by little each week as regions around the country get warm enough to start having weddings. We have time to add employees as needed and train people for several days before they’re thrown into the chaos of production and shipping. By June we’re all used to our roles and feel confident about supplying roses for hundreds of weddings each week. But not this year! We are flying at full speed the very first week our roses are blooming - and we are so grateful for all the orders and love our roses are getting! I never could have predicted or wished for a better spring.

We are working as quickly as we can with a very limited staff due to restrictions because of the pandemic. I’ve made hundreds of bouquets myself this week (and my hands are feeling it)! We will be operating with our full production team starting this coming week, of course working at a safe distance from one another, so we will do our absolute best to get your roses to you on your preferred delivery date. Our roses are blooming their hearts out, so much so, that we bought two 40’ refrigerated containers because our coolers are already packed to the brim. We have never cut so many roses so quickly and we cannot believe each and every rose we are cutting will be sent off for someone to enjoy. It’s the best feeling in the world to share our passion. And I don’t just mean Ryan’s and my passion. The faces of the people who work with our roses have been illuminated all week. Fermin is back in his happy place harvesting roses all day. He and Ruffino proudly back the Gator into the barn a dozen times a day, full of their beautiful roses and wide smiles. The ladies who process roses “ooh and aah” over them and twirl the stems to take in their fragrance. The ladies helping to make bouquets are so proud of their finished product. I love how they love to show us their work! And the guys who maintain the roses and plant new ones are so excited about all the “baby roses” they’re nurturing. We are ALL smiles! Spring has sprung!!

We cannot thank you enough for your support. Your grace and understanding while we work within limitations due to the pandemic is also very much appreciated. We are bringing on staff and scaling as quickly and as responsibly as we can. We are blessed to have wonderful, talented employees who give the roses their all. And we are blessed to serve you! Our hearts are full!

We’ve been tucking in a few extra roses in case you want to share some stems with a friend. Thank you, again, for your encouragement and love of our farm.

Xo, Gracie

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