Sweetest Day

Sweetest Day

This is a holiday that I wish happened more often - and not just because Gracie and I grow and sell roses. For those that aren’t familiar, Sweetest Day is a day to share a gesture of kindness, a kind thought, or a small gift. And importantly, this act of sweetness enriches the life of the recipient and the giver - a win-win! It is not as popular as Valentine’s Day, but in my mind certainly should be. Imagine what a beautiful place we’d live in if we constantly had that buzz and excitement about making someone else happy. Generally, it’s mostly celebrated in the Midwest, Florida, and the Northeast but there’s absolutely no reason not to celebrate this holiday everywhere. Sweetest Day isn’t intended to be a romantic gesture, even though it could, and doesn’t need to be overdone. Any small gesture of kindness makes this the perfect holiday!

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I know I have thought to myself (way too many times), “oh, I need to send a note, text, thank you, etc. to so-and-so” and then forget about it. The moment passes and then it’s too late and I have a bit of regret. This is that opportunity (and reminder) to reach out to someone you’ve been thinking about. Whether you send our roses to someone special in your life or not, please take the time on this special day to say “thank you” or “I love you” or “I appreciate having you in my life” or simply, “I hope you have a good day today” as this is what Sweetest Day is all about. And imagine that if that person pays it forward and brightens someone else’s day. What a beautiful world it would be!

As I said in the beginning, I truly wish Sweetest Day would happen more often…like every day. So who’s ready to get on the bandwagon and start a Sweetest Day daily ritual? How about waking up every day and one of the first things you think about is how can I brighten someone else’s day today? I feel that you’ll find this mindset will make your day better than you can imagine.

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On Sweetest Day this year, our GRF Gives program will be visiting an assisted living home with hundreds of roses to bring extra joy to those in need. Follow us along on Wednesday as we post stories of the joyful experience! We also donated roses this weekend for our local hospital’s benefactor dinner and each healthcare worker received a rose.

If you’re a local charity, organization, or school and would like us to consider you for our GRF Gives program, please reach out to support@gracerosefarm.com with the subject line GRF Gives. We’re always looking to bring happiness to local organizations and feel so fortunate that we grow a product that brings joy to everyone.

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