Our Mission

Spreading The Joy Of Flowers With Purpose.

Our Farm's Mission

As the preeminent supplier of cut garden roses in the United States, Grace Rose Farm is committed to ethically growing and harvesting over ninety varieties of heirloom garden roses. Gracie and Ryan Poulson, as owners and current stewards of the land, have spent years nurturing their soil and rose plants with organic and sustainable methods. The resulting blooms are revolutionizing the expectations for domestic cut garden roses.

With innovative shipping processes and a commitment to customer service, garden roses are delivered to satisfied customers throughout the country.

Gracie and Ryan, along with their team, deeply believe in the power of flowers to spread joy and bring people together.

Grace Rose Farm is committed to sharing resources and providing

education to gardeners through their blog, social media channels and written material.

Our farm provides gainful, year round employment for farmworkers in Ventura County, CA. Grace Rose Farm supports and advocates for the rights of farmworkers, through their own fair labor practices and ongoing support of the Farm Bureau of Ventura County, Farmworker Justice and the California Farmworker Foundation.