How Garden of Grace has changed our seasonal business

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Thank you for the beautiful and warm reception for our Garden of Grace collection. I cannot adequately express the gratitude for our supporters who bought the collection and have written to say how excited they are. Thank you so very much!

Have you ever wanted to bottle the scent of real roses? Yes, us too! So we did!! We created Garden of Grace with you in mind. It’s unapologetically feminine, romantic and there’s so much ahead in 2021 that’s never been done with garden roses! The collection is a literal extension of our roses and I’m so proud of it!⁣

But why? We have a thriving cut rose business, so why make more work for ourselves? Simply, sustainability and our employees. Garden of Grace is part of our movement toward sustainability ie. using all our roses, not just the roses on long cutting stems. There is so much waste in farming and with the cost of farming (labor, land, water), we need to do our part to cut the waste. Interesting fact: we harvest 40,000 roses per week for orders, but grow 5x that. We used to deadhead all the excess or let it fall to the ground (cringe!!). This year we harvested 90% of our roses and what wasn’t used for clients was used for Garden of Grace. Sustainability is at the forefront of our mission and seeing all our roses have purpose is key. ⁣

Our employees... As a seasonal business, our biggest worry and obstacle is winter (Dec-March). How do we keep our lovely employees all year when our primary income producing season is only 7-8 months? The sense of loyalty to our employees is what keeps us up at night, so creating products from our roses was our answer to year-round employment for the people who make our farm so amazing. Laying off “seasonal workers” is the absolute worst feeling and you never know if they will come back in the spring. We are looking forward to keeping our employees year-round.⁣

So that’s the story of why we’re venturing into fragrance and beauty. Behind the pretty packaging and rosey scents, there is immense purpose. We’re a small family farm with big dreams and know our field-to-fragrance experience will bring people joy in the same way our roses do!⁣

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