Winding down our rose season and something exciting coming!

I hope you had a fun Halloween! How is it already November?! We still have temps in the 80’s here so it hardly feels like fall, but these warm temperatures are sure creating a whole lot of gorgeous roses. Every corner of our farm is still bursting with color and our coolers are filled to the brim. I tend to lean towards pastels, but this time of year I find myself picking the deep reds, berries and taupe roses to bring inside and enjoy. I made one of our Limited Edition Autumn Bouquets for our kitchen and just love it.


While it may still feel like summer here, we’re preparing for our Thanksgiving break, so these next few weeks will be your last chance for roses before the holiday. Being farmers, we work seven days a week for most of the year because the roses wait for no one! Our short recess ahead is much needed and will give us the opportunity to be refueled and inspired for our winter season.

This coming week we’re planning to share what we’ve been up to all year, other than harvesting and shipping thousands of roses and adopting Seraphina! A dream of mine from when we first started the farm has been taking shape and will transport you to our fields. I can’t wait to show you what we’ve created! It’s the future of our farm and I could not be more thrilled!

We have so many beautiful roses to share with you in November! Every color and shape is blooming. I’m so proud of the roses our team grows. Each person who works at the farm plays an integral role in growing and sending our roses to our clients and the happiness it brings them is truly heartwarming. We hope our roses bring you as much joy as we get from growing them!

Xo, Gracie

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