Celebrating Valentine’s Day, the Rose Holiday of the Year

In celebration of Valentine‘s Day we are including a voucher with all Garden of Grace orders over $149 for one dozen roses in your choice of color shipped in the spring! Upon purchasing your Garden of Grace collection, you’ll receive a gift card for one dozen roses (including shipping) to be used any time after March 20, 2021. You’ll get to enjoy the fragrance of our roses in the winter when we all need flowers the most and then the real scent and beauty of our roses in the spring!

Valentine’s Day is the undisputed rose holiday of the year - which inconveniently happens to fall smack in the middle of winter when our roses are out of season. We have been working away and investing in extending our growing season (more to come soon!), but what about this year? 

Valentine's Day is the most flower-focused holiday of the year, but the reality is that American-grown flowers are not widely available in February, with the exception of farmers growing in heated greenhouses (of which there are few because of the cost). Even here in California where the winters are mild, our roses have been pruned back for their winter's rest and we won't see blooms again until mid-March. As a rose grower, it’s a huge loss financially not to be able to partake in Valentine’s Day. And we know all too well the burden florists face as they confront this holiday with limited selection from local farms. So where do all the Valentine’s Day flowers come from?

Most flowers given and received in the winter months are imported from our friends to the south. Colombia and Ecuador produce tens of millions of roses, which are flown to countries around the world. The dilemma here is the massive carbon footprint of the international floral trade and what that means to consumers looking to source their flowers locally, or at least domestically. One way to shift the Valentine's Day narrative away from imported flowers is to lessen the demand, and that means coming up with creative ways to still give the gift of American-grown flowers for Valentine's Day.

We spent 2020 creating our rose fragrance collection  with Valentine's Day in mind. With its feminine qualities, blush pink packaging, and heirloom garden rose scent, it makes for the perfect floral gift. Infused with the romance and tenderness of our rose petals, our beauty line radiates femininity and whimsy. One of the best things about it is that the fragrance will last for many months when there are no roses and into spring when our roses are back in bloom!

Our Garden of Grace collection is a field-to-fragrance experience that truly embodies the timeless beauty of our garden roses, ethically grown and harvested on our farm in Santa Ynez, California. Our standards for Garden of Grace mirror our commitment to ethically farming our garden roses, which means this is a gift you can feel good about. Steam distillation captures the very essence of our roses, transporting you to our fields by bringing to life the crisp, light scent of garden roses. What could be more beautiful than gifting the very essence of our roses?

David Austin Garden Roses

The world's most loved and cherished garden roses for English breeder, David Austin.

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