What To Expect When You Receive Your Bouquet 

When you order roses from us you will you receive highly fragrant and beautiful roses that were garden grown in California. We meticulously and luxuriously package each bouquet with love and care. 

Please note: our roses have thorns and we do not remove them, as doing so shortens their vase life. Please take caution when handling your roses.

When we design your bouquet, we do so with freshly cut roses that have not yet fully open. Much of the joy of bringing garden grown roses into the house is watching them fully open. Over the course of several days your roses will go from a semi open bud to a full bloom. As they open, their fragrance will fill your home with the many scents of our roses.

Rose Bouquet Care Tips

Your Grace Rose bouquet is made with roses that were just cut from our bushes. They are arranged and shipped to you the same day. Please don't be surprised if they look tired or hot upon arrival - your roses will perk up once they are hydrated. 

Our roses can last as long or longer than traditional roses with these tips:

  • Prep a vase by filling with cool water and add the flower food we've provided. Unwrap your roses and trim the stems 1/2" at an angle 
  • Place your roses into the vase, and using your hands, spread out the roses and greens by fluffing their stems apart.

Also remember, 

  • Keep your roses out of direct heat and sun - in a well ventilated area.
  • Change water daily.
  • Keep foliage above the water line in your vase.

We hope you love your roses! Thank you!