Tips & Tricks for Beautiful Summer Roses

August 12, 2019

Tips & Tricks for Beautiful Summer Roses

At our farm, August is the month we prepare our roses for our big fall flush. Since so many weddings take place in the fall, we need to be sure our roses are healthy and ready to perform when we need them the most. Whether you’re a grower like us or someone who wants to have beautiful roses in their garden, here’s what you can do this coming month!

  • Since it’s summer watering deeply, especially after feeding, will ensure your roses don’t go into drought mode. Potted roses will need water daily on very hot days.
  • Deadhead spent blooms once a week to encourage new growth. Feed an organic granular or water soluble fertilizer such as this fertilizer we use. Water it well!
  • Check plants for pests by inspecting buds and foliage. Remove any questionable looking plant material. Remember, if it looks “off” that usually means a pest has been there, so cut it off and discard in tied garbage bags. Do not leave affected foliage on the ground.
  • In dry climates, wash down foliage once or twice a week, allowing time for the plant to dry before nightfall. This will help prevent spider mites. If you live in an area that gets summer rain, there’s no need to do this, however be watchful for black spot and other fungal diseases. Pick off any black spot infected foliage and you can spray your plants with an organic fungicide such as this fungicide we use.
  • If spider mites are present, use your hose and water wand on all leaf surfaces, including the underside of leaves every three days. This will create a humid environment that mites don’t like and eradicate existing mites. You can also spray your plants with this insecticide to help keep spider mite infestations at bay. Keeping rose foliage clean in the summer is essential to plant health!

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