Our 2022 Season is Here!

The first of our 2022 garden roses are blooming! This is such a thrilling week to see our beauties coming into bloom. First to show off this spring is Meilland’s utterly gorgeous Pink Traviata. 

Pink Traviata is an old-world looking quartered bloom richly saturated in raspberry pink. The plant is healthy, full of dark foliage, vigorous and blooms consistently all season long. Especially in spring, Pink Traviata’s blooms are very large and their petal count is staggering. This is an exceptional cut rose and we highly recommend it for those wanting an easy-to-grow jewel toned garden rose. While Pink Traviata has little fragrance, it makes up for it with long-lasting blooms. 

Now that spring is here our roses will trickle into bloom over the next six weeks. It’s not an immediate spring event where they all begin flushing at the same time, so if you don’t see one of your favorites in our shop right away, it’s not because we’ve discontinued growing it. Garden roses come into season at different speeds, which means we will be adding varieties to our shop little by little this spring as each makes their debut. 

Most of our well-known varieties such as Distant Druns, Koko Loko, Honey Dijon and dozens more were transplanted from our previous farm this winter. As a result, they will take take a bit longer to bloom this spring because their roots are getting reestablished. Next year they will bloom in early April, while this year we are expecting them a few weeks later or by early May. We’ll get them into our shop as soon as they’re ready! 

We are introducing 20 new varieties to our farm, which will bring our collection up to 70 varietals! Coupled with our partners’ roses, Alexandra Farms, you’ll have more than 100 garden roses to choose from at Grace Rose Farm. There are garden roses in every shape, color and fragrance imaginable. Spring is here and all the romantic, ruffly, fragrant farm roses are coming! Xo

David Austin Garden Roses

The world's most loved and cherished garden roses for English breeder, David Austin.

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