A Sister for Seraphina

In case you missed the news, we are starting the adoption process to give Seraphina a sister. We always thought we would only have one child, and to think of sharing life with two little girls is such a huge decision, but one we’re going into with faith.

Before we get too many questions, I want to answer some I know we will receive. Why pursue adoption again when we have frozen embroys? For those who have been following along for years, you may remember we did IVF and have frozen embryos. To be really transparent, we only have one male embryo left. We lost all of our female embryos. We feel, especially since we’d need a surrogate to have a baby, bringing our own biological child into the world could harm Seraphina emotionally. We are not judging those who have adopted and then gone onto have biological children via IVF or surrogacy, it’s just not right for us. We don’t want Seraphina to ever think she wasn’t enough. Choosing to adopt again, to us, puts our children on the same “level playing field” so neither would feel more biologically attached to us or more important. I’m also really sick of fertility clinics so the thought of going back to fertility with a surrogate for an extended amount of time isn’t really a path I want to take. Why a girl and not a boy? Simply put, prospective adoptive parents have the choice of gender and we are choosing two daughters since we hope a sister will bring Seraphina a closeness that sisters can have with one another. It is very common for adoptive parents to have a gender preference and it is not something we’re ashamed to admit. 

So, should we be chosen to adopt another baby girl, we’d love your name suggestions. Please head to our Instagram stories to give us your ideas. There is a question and answer box asking for name help! Here’s where we are…

I prefer names that end with an a. I feel they’re feminine and I love how a name ending in a rolls. 

Perhaps another S name, because for one thing, I have way too many outfits with S monogrammed on them. But also, matching S names would be cute. Ryan’s mom and aunt are Susan and Sandy. I love Savannah, but it feels rather popular now.

My late mother’s name was Ruth and I love Ruthie, but maybe that would be hard having a daughter named after my mother. I also don’t love Ruth on its own as I lean towards longer names. 

Names we’ve been coming back to over and over are Georgianna (Gigi), Anastasia (Annie), Tatiana (Tati), Cordelia (Leelee) and Magnolia (Maggie). I especially love Georgianna and feel it pairs well with Seraphina.

Thank you so much for reading and giving us your name ideas for the baby we hope becomes Seraphina’s sister someday! Of course if we are not chosen to adopt another baby girl we are perfectly content with Seraphina and will have a wonderful life just the three of us. XO

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