Celebrating Grandparent's Day

I have so many fond memories of spending time with my grandparents when I was a little kid. The stories, laughs, projects, and adventures are what made the time between me and my grandparents so valuable. As I got older I was able to develop a deeper connection with them and found out about their upbringing, childhood, hobbies, and other goals in life. I had a fun opportunity after college to help relocate my dad’s mom from Washington state to close to our family in Southern California. I flew up north, packed her car, and the two of us made the three day journey down south. I learned so much during that drive about her I’m sure I would have never known otherwise and will always remember those special moments I was fortunate to experience. It’s truly an amazing bond that blossoms in the grandparent/grandchild relationship.

Seraphina is so fortunate to have her Grammy - my mom - live on our farm with us. When Seraphina and I walk over to Grammy’s house, she gets visibly excited as she knows that she’s about to be spoiled with Grammy’s love and attention. As soon as Seraphina walks in the door, she goes straight to her bin filled with books and toys. One by one, she’ll take them out and bring them over to Grammy to read to her or play with. Watching the two of them together is often one of the best parts of my day.

To my mom - I see the joy Fifi brings you and I’m so incredibly happy for you. She loves you so much. Thank you for all the love you give her and the time you spend with her. She may not remember these moments like you and I will but it’s these moments that are the foundation of the bond and love between you two. I look forward to the many adventures you two will share, the books you will read together, the crafts you will create, the lessons you will teach her, and the moments when she’ll say to me, “I want to go see Grammy.”

To all the grandparents out there, we hope you have a special weekend filled with lots of love, laughter, new memories, and strengthened bonds. The past two years have been incredibly hard, especially for grandparents who have been unable visit with the special people in their lives and we hope you’re able to find ways to connect, whether in person or online. Have a wonderful and safe weekend!


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