A Secret Garden Celebration with Margo & Me

One of the greatest honors for Grace Rose Farm is when we see our roses used for your special occasions and we can’t think of anything more special than a first birthday party! We were so overjoyed to see our roses used to create a secret garden themed party for Jenny of Margo & Me’s daughter, Lucy. And we couldn’t help but laugh when Jenny stated, "If I’m honest, it was a celebration for the adults as much as it was a party for our little Lucy!” It’s so true! While little Lucy might not remember the details of her first birthday party years from now, it is definitely a cherished memory for the adults in her life and it looks like Jenny had so much fun planning all the gorgeous details. We’d love to show you some of our favorite images from the big celebration, and we encourage you to consider our roses for your next special occasion.

Thank you for your kind words, Jenny! “What’s a secret garden without roses from the one and only, family-run Grace Rose Farms! I connected with their founder, Gracie, whose daughter was born just a month after Lucy. We’ve become quick Instagram friends, and I adore following as her business and family grow. Their farm is committed to ethical growing and harvesting, and they’ve spent years perfecting organic and sustainable methods. I love that they share so much educational content about the roses when you order! They have so many beautiful bouquets to choose from on their site; I find myself ordering “thinking of you” or ‘thank you” flowers for people all the time.”

David Austin Garden Roses

The world's most loved and cherished garden roses for English breeder, David Austin.

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