We Welcomed Two Babies!

We Welcomed Two Babies!

We’re so excited to introduce you to our new kittens!! Frannie and Sophie joined us one week ago and we love them so much already. They are six-week-old tabby kittens with tons of spunk and playfulness.

Our little duo was rescued from a dumpster nearby and taken to Ventura County Animal Services several weeks ago. They came in with ringworm and were underweight. The no-kill shelter quickly treated the kittens and got them ready to be adopted. We visited the shelter thinking we’d adopt older kittens but fell in love with this pair immediately. Gracie has a thing for brown tabbies!

This past year we lost our two oldest kitties, Mari and Tadpole, so we thought it was the perfect time to add two little ones. Having kittens brings a sense of joy and happiness that’s hard to top! Our new kittens have been a welcomed distraction from the hard parts of our life and business.

If you read our last blog here then you’re aware of the dire water situation we’re facing. Our county has imposed strict water regulations due to the drought and it’s forced us to make tough business decisions. For the first time, many of our roses aren’t getting enough water to make them bloom abundantly. We’re still watering the roses in the highest demand for cut flowers, so to keep florists supplied for the season. We may downsize our growing operations significantly if we are unable to water at the rates our roses are accustomed to - we’ll see what the future holds over the coming months and years.

For today, we’re thankful for you, our new kittens, and the roses we are able to send out into the world. We hope you’re having a wonderful summer!

Check out these adorable videos of our kittens on Instagram.


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