Unique Flower Vases for Your Roses

Flower vases are truly one of the best items ever, and for many reasons.

Also known as "bud vases", they come in many different forms, such as Pitchers, Hurricanes, ceramic vases, and clear glass vases.

They serve a multitude of uses, such as carrying and distributing water to your garden roses and indoor plants, or could even be used as a change collector for those without a piggy bank.

Perhaps our favorite reason why flower vases are one of the best vessels ever, is because of the unique aesthetic boost they add to your home decor and rose centerpieces.

Seriously, a living room or a nice table can be wonderfully presented on its own, but when you add a unique flower vase filled with beautiful garden roses into the scene, it is truly the icing on the cake. (Or it's the main event, depending on who you ask!)

We love using the most unique flower vases to decorate our blush roses with, but we also love to support small shops, especially those who pride themselves on creating unique flower vases for roses! Which is exactly why we decided to round up some of our favorite unique vases for sale from Etsy below.

A few of these cool unique vases are one of a kind, so make sure you shop fast if you want to add them to your vase collection!

Unique Flower Vases 

Our Blush Classic Bouquet would look stunning in any of these artsy vases! After all, what's better for a unique flower vase than unique roses to go inside?




Unusual Vases & Flower Arrangements

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Happy Unique Vase hunting!

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