Sourcing Bareroot and Potted Roses

Where to find beloved Grace Rose Farm rose varieties for your garden

We are so thankful for all the people who are inspired by Grace Rose Farm to plant their own gardens. It’s an incredible feeling to know the roses we love growing are getting recognized as wonderful additions to gardens all around the world. We've received thousands of messages from our customers, hoping to buy bareroot and potted roses from us, and we’re truly so thankful that you trust our experience when looking for roses to grow. After careful consideration we feel it is our obligation as a business in the rose world to stay in our lane, so to speak. We are cut flower growers, and we want to throw our full support behind hard-working, well-established nurseries, instead of offering roses through Grace Rose Farm.

Owning a nursery is a tough business; growing and tending to such a wide array of plants takes a level of expertise that is hard to come by, which is why we want to point you towards some amazing nurseries that can help you fulfill your rose garden dreams.

The links we are sharing here are not affiliate links, rather a round-up of our favorite nurseries that we hope you will support. You'll find many of the garden rose varieties that you have come to know and love through Grace Rose Farm offered through these nurseries. 

Our favorite sources for roses:

Otto & Sons Nursery - The largest rose nursery in California where over 125,000 potted roses are on display in full flush during April and available throughout the growing season. If you’re in CA, it’s worth the drive to shop their extensive rose collection. No one grows roses like the Klittich family. Of our 30,000 roses at the farm, at least 25,000 came from Otto & Sons, and we have even more coming to our new farm from them! 

Heirloom Roses - A huge assortment of modern and antique roses in gallons shipped directly to your home. Their website features gorgeous photos of every variety they grow. Heirloom has many older and unique varietals and extensive information about each rose. 

Edmunds Roses - Some of the best and biggest bare roots we’ve ever bought came from Edmunds Roses. Highly recommended! 

Regan Nursery - Shop online or in person from this Northern CA specialty rose nursery. Over 1,000 varieties to choose from that can come directly to your door!

David Austin Roses - If you’re looking for an English rose, the best place to start is David Austin. 

High Country Roses - From old garden roses to modern roses, this nursery specializes in own root roses and ships to you!


The American Rose Society has published a comprehensive Nursery Guide found HERE and we have personally sourced roses from 90% of these family owned nurseries. We would love to see our supporters purchase roses from these long-standing nurseries that are solely focused on growing healthy, beautiful roses for gardens. The owners of these nurseries have decades of knowledge about the many gardening zones in the US and will take the time to help you build out a rose garden that will both be beautiful and thrive in your climate. 

We have a really exciting project in the works that will bring together all of our rose growing and varietal knowledge, but it won't be ready for the 2021 growing season. It will be worth the wait...we promise!

As always, if you have a question about growing roses, please feel free to reach out to us. We will do our very best to help you! You can read all about how we plant our roses HERE, as well as our secret ingredient for thriving roses!
We hope you understand why it’s so important that we not take business away from nurseries. Our specialty is growing roses for the cut flower and “staying in our lane” is the way we’re choosing to let our fellow rose businesses know our full admiration and support is with them. Family owned nurseries that raise plants from tiny cuttings or dormant bare roots need your support and we love knowing we’re able to help get their lovingly grown roses out into gardens!

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