Our 2022 Rose Additions

The time quickly came this summer to submit our 2022 rose order to the major rose growers. We source roses from Weeks Roses, David Austin, Star Roses, Certified Roses and J.C. Bakker. These growers raise up plants in their growing fields for 1-2 years before selling them to us. Typically they pull the roses from their fields in the fall and send them out to us in January. Fall and winter is a very busy time for growers; they’re taking stock of all their inventory and getting plants shipped to nurseries (and growers like us) so we can all have a gorgeous spring bloom!

For our 2022 season I placed our largest order to date for a single year. We are hoping and crossing our fingers that about 9,000 new roses will be delivered to us, because as with any live plant material, growers never know exactly how many plants they will yield. The really hard part for us is that we typically will not grow any rose unless we can source at least 300 plants. If we are trialing a new rose we may source 25-50, but if we want to be able to offer the rose as cut flower to our customers, we need at least 300 plants of a variety to do so. My strategy is to ask for A LOT more plants than I expect to actually receive so I can plan our fields, labor, production, marketing, etc. The pandemic, and our year at home, resulted in a whole new crop of gardeners. Roses are more popular than ever, so sourcing plants has gotten really tricky.

So what did we order for 2022? In addition to all the roses we already grow, here are the varieties we will be adding:

Honey Dijon

We have about 500 Honey Dijon in production, but we never ever have enough stems for florists. We’re hoping to change that this coming year. I ordered 400 more plants and truly hope the new plants help us fill each and every Honey Dijon order.

Stephen Rulo

Again, a rose we already grow, but never have enough of despite how generous this plant blooms. Hopefully 200 more plants will be coming our way this spring!


Well, of course! The Queen of all the roses at our farm will be occupying even more real estate. We already have over 1,000 Evelyn plants and hope to add 300 more!

Jubilee Celebration

I’ve never been able to buy this rose in large quantities and our 100 plants are just not enough. Truly one of my absolute favorites.

The Alnwick Rose

We grow this gorgeous rose in small quantities now and hope to add hundreds more. It’s absolute perfection!


Another utterly gorgeous English rose that we have never been able to get in large quantities, but love so much!

Eustacia Vye

Ahhhh! Eustacia Vye is breathtaking and such a fabulous cut flower. We’ve been trialing her at the new farm and I really, really hope our order comes through for this classic beauty.

Mill on the Floss

A newer English roses that I’ve had in my personal garden. Just perfection!

Emily Bronte

Another newer English rose that is the perfect creamy, blush, scalloped bloom.

Olivia Rose Austin

We grew this beauty four years ago and due to space issues at our previous farm we couldn’t take her with us when we moved. Now that we have more space, I’m bringing her back!

Sharifa Asma

One of my all time favorites. Her fragrance cannot be beat. We only have 50 plants now and I covet them. I really hope we can add hundreds more!

Ancient Mariner

This is such a fabulous pink rose if you have space. It loves to creep and sprawl horizontally. Amazing cut flower and beautiful coloring.


A perfect peach English rose that we grow as a climber now. I ordered 300 and cannot wait to have her her in big numbers!

Crown Princess Margarita

A most beloved English rose that we have never been able to get in large quantities. I saved space for this princess and really hope she joins us in a big way next year!

Vanessa Bell

I adore this pale yellow rose. It’s a shade we don’t currently have and the few I’ve been trialing are absolute winners!

Huntington's 100 Rose

I saw this rose in full bloom when we visited the Huntington Rose Garden this spring and immediately knew we had to have it. Just look at it!

Fun in the Sun

I love the cream to yellow to peach shading on this grandiflora and have high hopes that it will be the perfect bright addition.

Marilyn Monroe

I don’t know why I shied away from growing this breathtaking flesh peach rose. I saw her in full bloom recently and she’s spectacular.

Crocus Rose

Florists keep asking for this cream scalloped rose and our 40 plants don’t yield enough to safely offer it. I asked for enough plants to satisfy demand, so fingers crossed!


Perhaps one of the most beloved red roses of all time. I have a few plants in my garden and I know our red lovers will adore Oklahoma.

Marc Chagall

A pink rose with yellow and cream stripes. We have Marc Chagall growing in our backyard and it’s quickly becoming a favorite.

Bliss Parfuma

This cream to blush to peach beauty lives in our front yard and is one that performs well as a cut flower. She will make a great addition to our fields!

Black Baccara

For lovers of deep wine red roses, this is a pretty well known roses in the florist world and one used for autumn and winter events. I’m excited to have this almost black rose at our farm!

Rouge Royale

Oh how I love Rouge Royale! We used to grow this rose four years ago, but sadly florists never bought it so I gave all my plants away. Now that we offer roses in bouquets to everyone, deep berry is in high demand. This rose is spectacular!!

Munstead Wood

We grow so much Munstead Wood, but it’s never enough! It’s a thorny rose and the plant is on the smaller side, but the beautiful blooms make it so worthwhile!

Abraham Darby

Yet another rose I gave away (over 100 plants) because I couldn’t sell the color to florists at the time. Heartbreaking! There might not be a rose with a better fragrance in this list than Abraham Darby. Unreal!!

Fair Bianca

We have always grown this petite pure white rose, but in small numbers. Plants tend to not be as productive or as large as some of our other white roses, but we’re going to give her a chance again at our new farm where the climate is better. Stay tuned!!

Shropshire Lad

I can’t believe I skipped over this perfect rose for so many years. The ruffles, the ombré coloring….gorgeous!


Deep fuchsia to berry red, an absolute beauty we need to grow! We have so many longtime GRF customers who love this color so I’m trying to bring in as many plants as possible!


I grew Eglantyne many moons ago and remember her to be the perfect ballet pink English rose….with tons of thorns! I think we passed on her for our farm because of the thorns, but we’ve since been able to dull thorns post-harvest so we’re giving her a go!


One of my favorites that’s a sport of Heritage. We have about 100 plants growing around our property and I love her beautiful clusters, so we’re officially going to add Rose-Marie to our fields!


The white rose we grow the most, but still never have enough of! If I could get 1,000 Tranquillity I would take them. A lovely rose that performs so well for us!

William Morris

An apricot rose that holds it color! We have had William Morris in our rose garden for several years and know it’s a color you will love!

Dylan Rose

A perfectly cupped shape peach to pink bloomer. I find this color so unique and unlike our others, so I hope it captivates me in real life as much as in photos!

Gentle Hermione

One of the sweetest pale pink English roses we never had enough space for until now. Love her!

Generous Gardener

Beautiful blush to white shading on this English rose. I’ve always loved it in my garden and can’t wait to share her with you!

Summer Romance Parfuma

A Kordes roses known for being a great cut flower. I can tell its petals will hold for a good amount of time and be a superb addition in a gorgeous color!

Crazy Love Sunbelt

How gorgeous is this rose?! I can’t describe it other than just WOW. We’re going to see a lot of requests for Crazy Love!

Fiji Eleganza

A bright red, candy-like colored rose from Kordes. We need more pops of vibrant red and know this well-bred bloom will be amazing at our farm.

Sweet Mademoiselle

A unique coral pink color we’ve been lacking with a lovely, light scent. I want to cover the spectrum of pinks so this shade will really shine here!

Leonardo Da Vinci

Here’s another roses that I can’t believe I haven’t grown. Yet!! Leonardo Da Vinci is utterly gorgeous as a plant and its blooms are so lush and exquisitely formed.

Paris Yves St. Laurent

I really regret giving away all my Paris Yves St. Laurent roses. This salmon pink rose was one I simply could not sell to florists a few years ago. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this rose and honestly it has some of the strongest blooms and stems I’ve ever seen on a rose bush. Salmon pink is here to stay!!


Peachy caramel ruffles, eeek! So perfect for weddings and anyone who loves warm sunset shades.


A suburb cut rose from Kordes that will be a workhorse for us, I’m sure. Delicate pink tones that fade to white.

Alexandra Princess de Luxembourg

We need another Princess rose and I know she won’t disappoint. I love everything about the look of this rose and her perfect blush coloring.

Madame Anisette

A fantastic cream Kordes rose we grew in small numbers, but could never get in large quantities. Crossing fingers we receive hundreds and can show you this licorice scented, long stemmed beauty!

Ingrid Bergman

We’ve been growing this classic, true red rose for several years, but had to take her out of production when we moved. She’s growing again and will be ready next spring, possibly sooner!

Alex's Lemonade Stand

Ochré in a rose! Florists are going to eat this rose up; it’s the “it color” right now. Many thanks to our friend Tom Carruth for suggesting it and to Christian Bedard for breeding it!

And finally, we are importing roses from Europe that aren’t available in North America!! Stay tuned for the varieties and photos. They’re absolutely a dream come true!!

I hope this list of roses has inspired you to dream up your own rose garden!! I still can’t believe I get to source, grow and send flowers to you all. It’s beyond my wildest dreams and I truly cannot thank you enough for allowing us to continue to scale and expand our rose collection. Spring 2022 will be here before we know it and these roses will be heading your way!

Xo, Gracie

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