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Meet The Grace Rose Family

Grace Rose Farm

August 09, 2021

What was a backyard hobby six years ago with just Ryan and Gracie has evolved into a growing family of special people that make up Grace Rose Farm. Today we’re introducing you to the men and women who tend to our land, care for our roses and make our farm so wonderful.

Field Operations


Juan is our long time property manager with over 30 years of farming experience. He can fix just about anything and knows irrigation very well. Juan loves doing projects around his home that he shares with his wife, Dolores, and four sons. You can read more about Juan, and his son, Dan, here.


Fermin has been with us for four years and leads our harvesting team. He has 12 years of experience with roses! He harvests 20,000+ roses every week! Fermin loves spending time with his two sons and watching all sports.


Bulmaro joined GRF in 2018 and is a wonderful, caring person with over 15 years of experience with roses. He loves the roses so much and takes such pride in his work. He harvests 20,000+ roses every week and when he’s not at the farm, he enjoys working out and playing sports with his sons. You can read more about Bulmaro and Fermin in our recent blog post here.


Gerardo “Jerry” harvests roses and cares for the plants. He learned very quickly how to cut thousands of roses per day. He’s one of the sweetest guys we know and shares his time off with his wife. He loves to cook and dance.


Manuel has been gardening at the farm for three seasons. He does a great job making sure the roses are healthy and thriving. Manuel’s favorite rose is Distant Drums.


Antonio is a gardener at the farm. He keeps the grounds beautiful and works on planting and irrigation. He loves the peach roses the most. He has been working in landscaping for 10 years.



Jacob does a lot of our watering and planting at the farm. Gardening is a passion of his and he enjoys seeing plants grow. He’s been gardening professionally for over 20 years.



Dan has been our production manager for four years. He oversees all the orders and directs the team on the roses they are working with everyday. Dan loves spending time with his partner and his kitty, Lucy. He’s a great cook and talented makeup artist.


Maria is a bouquet designer and speaks 2 languages - Spanish and Purepecha. She loves being with her family and making cookies. Her favorite rose is Darcey Bussell.


Hortencia designs bouquets and wraps roses for shipping. She loves to cook and be out in nature with her family. Her favorite rose is Lichfield Angel.


Araceli makes bouquets and loves all the roses so much. She has five boys and one on the way! Araceli loves cooking and talking to everyone she knows. Francis Meilland is her favorite rose.


Yolanda packs orders and preps roses for bouquets. She’s an animal lover who has peacocks, horses, parrots, a cockatoo, dogs, cats, goats and chickens. Her favorite roses are Hot Cocoa and Golden Celebration.


Luis is in charge of making the supplies we use for packaging and shipping our roses. He also packs orders and keeps us organized in the production room. He is starting college to become a vet and his favorite rose is Koko Loko!


Ofelia preps roses after they’re harvested. She loves living in the country where she can garden and see mountains. Her favorite roses are Pure Perfume and Tranquillity.

Creative + Administration


E'Ana is our operations manager who oversees the day to day at the farm. She can do anything from customer service to fulfillment to long term planning and social media. E’Ana recently graduated from college with her business degree and when she’s not at the farm, she loves riding her motorcycle, working out and Disneyland! Read more about E’Ana in our recent blog post celebrating her college graduation here.


Gracie is our creative director and founder. Roses are her first love and is the visionary for our farm. She is working on new ways to expand our brand so more people can experience the joy of growing roses.


Ryan is our president and manages the financial and farming operations at the farm. He has enjoyed scaling the farm from our backyard to the 20 acres it is now. Ryan loves learning and being active in the farming community.


Seraphina, aka Fifi, is our little rosarian! She’s the darling of our farm and our newest addition. Her favorite things are her dolly, petting her kitties and giggling at her dad’s funny faces! She loves pink roses the most and sniffs them with delight.

Farm Friends

Buddy, Ellie and Woody - Our three Great Pyrenees are the real loves of our farm. Everyone adores seeing our dogs on social media and following their lives. Buddy can be seen on the cover of Country Living! Our dogs patrol the farm, but mostly they just play and live the good life.

The Kitties - Our farm is home to 11 cats! Tadpole, Mari, Ruthie, Roxie, Sunny, Teddy, Rosie, Lucy, Loki and Percy are our beloved felines. When we moved to the farm we inherited Canela, who lives in the trees on the farm. Gracie is a cat lover and always has room for more kitties that need a home.

In addition to our amazing team, we work with talented people around the country. Our rose growers, web designers, marketing partners, customer service team, graphic designers, agent, and farming contractors, while not employees, very much make things happen at our farm and we could not do this without them!

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