Introducing Molly Mae

We have a new Great Pyrenees at the farm! Meet Molly Mae, a two year old Pyr who has quite a story.

Molly was found on a rural highway in northern CA last fall laying beside her companion that was sadly hit by a car. That dog couldn’t be saved, however Molly was picked up and taken to a shelter to be adopted. Unfortunately the first home she went to wasn’t a good fit for a livestock guardian dog, so she went to a loving foster who has taken care of her all this year. They wanted to find the right environment for Molly since they suspected she lost her way off a ranch prior to being found on the highway. She loves other dogs and needs a farm property, so when we inquired about her, it seemed like our farm would be the right fit for her needs.


Molly has been here for almost a week and she is getting along so well with Buddy, Ellie and Woody. She and Woody are boyfriend and girlfriend! She is definitely at home on a farm (she loves mud and any mess she can find!) and absolutely loves the freedom she has here. When we lost Emmie June recently we felt compelled to adopt another female and already know Molly Mae is the perfect new addition!

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