Celebrating National Red Rose Day

Of all the beautiful blooms in the world, none are quite as beloved as the rose. The earliest roses on record, according to fossil evidence, date back some 35 million years! So it is no surprise that roses have come to hold great significance across many cultures. With over 150 species, including climbers, shrubs, and thousands of hybrids, I often wonder why the most commonly depicted rose is a rather boring fire engine red rose. Here at Grace Rose Farm, we grow stunning red roses, in all different shades and shapes, from deeply ruffled wine beauties to gorgeous burgundy rosettes.

In honor of National Red Rose Day, we've introduced a new Limited Edition Bouquet to our shop - The Rouge Amore Bouquet! It includes a variety of all of our red roses available so you can experience the uniqueness and beauty of all of them!>

Let me introduce you to our five red rose varieties, so you can see the gorgeous possibilities when it comes to red roses:

Darcy Bussell

This deep, rich crimson rose reminds me of a lush burgundy wine. Although it has a slightly lower petal count than other David Austin roses, I love it’s whimsical, fluttery bloom form. Her color deepens in cool weather to burgundy, but she's usually a dependable berry color for us. Darcey Bussell has peony shaped, cupped blooms, with an amazing true rose fragrance!

Munstead Wood

We grow Munstead Wood right next to Darcy Bussell in the field, and although they have almost the same color, there is no mistaking which is which; Munstead Wood is compact, whereas Darcy Bussell is a large, bushy plant that can reach 5x5 feet. Munstead Wood is our darkest berry burgundy rose from David Austin.

Hot Cocoa

This rose is all about the fade. One of the most unique roses we grow, Hot Cocoa has fully double chocolate-brown petals that fade to russet, brick-red, purple, and burgundy. The petals are very long-lasting for design work and very popular in the fall for weddings.

Dark Knight

Deep, dark velvety red wine blooms that open to reveal golden stamens. Dark Knight reaches its richest color in the cool weather. With its full petaled shape and sweet scent, there's no rose quite like it.

Ingrid Bergman

The graceful and vibrant Ingrid Bergman encapsulates the spirit of its beautiful namesake. Elegant large, deep red blooms are a treat for the eyes and a classic red rose fragrance is the cherry on top! This rose has one of the longest vase lives of all the roses we grow. Dark green, disease resistant foliage make a stunning backdrop for velvety deep red blooms. A true classic!

David Austin Garden Roses

The world's most loved and cherished garden roses for English breeder, David Austin.

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