Celebrating Grandparent's Day 2022

Celebrating Grandparent's Day 2022

This time last year I wrote about the special bond between my mom and my daughter, Seraphina, and am so happy to see the two of them continue to build on it. Seraphina - or Fifi, as we call her - lights up whenever she’s around my mom. The two of them giggle, play, read, sing, and dance until they’re tired out - my mom usually first - and they need to rest.


My mom, or Grammy as Fifi calls her - waited a long time for her first grandchild and is doing an amazing job catching up on lost time. Grammy’s living room has become a recreation room for Fifi. There’s a bin with lots of books for Fifi, an old briefcase turned into an art supply case, a soccer ball rolling around, a pint-sized basketball hoop, and plenty of other toddler toys neatly placed along the wall. Let me tell you, Grammy has been waiting for this moment for a long time and is loving every minute of it! It would seem that Fifi has an age-reversing effect on my mom as she appears to be more youthful and energetic now than she was several years ago. Not only is she more energetic, but she’s also much happier and I know that’s due to the special bond the two of them have created.

It’s fun to watch grandparents interact with babies and toddlers. So quickly do their expressions turn to silly faces and big smiles. Babbling and speaking in child-like language to engage in laughter with the little ones. It’s contagious and always gives me a big smile watching the youthful behavior. Since we moved back to Ventura County, where Gracie’s parents also live, it’s been such a treat getting to see Fifi enjoy time with Mimi and Bubba, as she calls them. The way she has warmed up to them and now feels so comfortable around them is amazing. They’ve had tea parties, read books together, played with dolls, and Fifi’s favorite - swimming!

While it may be common knowledge that grandparents get to spoil their grandchild, as a parent (in the middle), Gracie and I feel like we’re spoiled with the love they all share with our daughter. Watching them all play and laugh makes us feel incredibly spoiled and lucky. We hope that all grandparents get to spend time with their loved ones this weekend and celebrate the special day!

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