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Please follow these guidelines for caring for your garden roses. Since they have traveled out of water, they may look a bit sad, however, following these steps below will make them beautiful in no time at all!

1. Open your box immediately upon arrival, unwrap the bunches, and place the roses into fresh, cold water.

Be careful of the thorns. We leave them on because removing them can shorten the vase life for your garden roses. 

2. Allow your roses to hydrate for 2 hours before processing them. We love using a wide mouth bucket to allow our roses to hydrate without getting squished. 

3. Add the flower food to your water in the vase you plan to use for your bouquet. Pro tip: If for any reason your box does not have flower food, simple table sugar works just as well for flower food!

Once your roses have perked up, process them by trimming 1/4 an inch at a 45 degree angle. 

4. Remove the guard petals protecting the inner petals if they were bruised during shipping. Removing the thorns may shorten the vase life. Please never strip your garden roses. If you choose to remove the thorns, a sharp blade is the best way to do so without damaging the stems. 

A few tips for enjoying your roses as long as possible:

  • Gently remove any leaves that might be submerged in water when they are inside the vase. This will keep the water much fresher!
  • Make sure you place your bouquet in a spot that does not get direct sunlight. 
  • Change the water every few days so its stay fresh!