Julia's Rose

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Due to the demand for this rose, we are currently custom growing a limited number of plants for late-spring delivery. In zones 7 and above they will be ready to plant in the ground upon arrival and will be the perfect size for transplanting. Based upon our experience, we expect plants to have 6" of new growth at shipping.

One of the most well known ‘coffee roses” Julia’s Rose was named for Lady Julia Clements, a celebrated floral arranger who authored more than twenty books on the art. Copper, russet, parchment, blush and peach shade the bloom in bud and as it opens. As the bloom ages the colors ombre and fade to mauve and grey. A unique rose that blooms throughout the summer. Highly sought by floral designers for its unique and versatile shading. Julia's Rose is a diva who earns her keep if given the attention she deserves.

Hardy: Zone 6a-10b
Bloom: Double, approximately 22 petals repeat spring through fall
Fragrance: Slight
Color: Oddball, peach, blush, taupe
Type: Hybrid Tea

Our farm-grown nursery roses will be shipped in mid-spring 2019. Roses are shipped in nursery pots with extensive roots, so please plan to transfer your roses to larger containers or plant them in the ground upon arrival. Roses will arrive leafed out and ready to produce roses for you in spring! Roses sourced from our growers will be shipped as bare root roses after your last frost.

California Residents: You may pickup your roses at our farm the last week of April. We will refund your shipping costs upon pickup of your roses.

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