Duchess du Grammont

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A French bred Noisette, this gal makes an impression as a garden shrub. Large and spreading, her strong canes support blooms in clusters of ten to twelve. A prolific bloomer, her fragrance is the type that wafts across the garden. You will seek her out to get a noseful straight from the bush. Born Beatrix de Choiseul-Stainvillewas, the Duchesse was cool enough to run with Marie Antoinette but unfortunately suffered the same fate and died on the guillotine in Paris, April 17, 1794. Starting as fat peony-like buds of rich pink and opening to silvery pink and white, this rose is a lovely tribute to her and all things Revolutionary Paris.

Hardy: 6b-10b
Bloom: Multiple large clusters of small flowers
Fragrance: Strong, wafting
Color: Pink, white
Type: Noisette

Our farm-grown nursery roses will be shipped in mid-spring 2019. Roses are shipped in nursery pots with extensive roots, so please plan to transfer your roses to larger containers or plant them in the ground upon arrival. Roses will arrive leafed out and ready to produce roses for you in spring! Roses sourced from our growers will be shipped as bare root roses after your last frost.

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