The Brights Grande Bouquet

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Our Brights Grande Bouquet features medium to bright pink, fuchsia and apricot fragrant garden roses and may include any of the following varieties: Princess Alexandra of Kent, Munstead Wood, Carding Mill, Evelyn, and Princess Charlene of Monaco. Bouquets are handmade and tied off with ribbon. Our Grande Bouquets are two dozen roses and many stems have more than one bloom. We also include 2-3 extra stems per bouquet for a total of 34-36 blooms!

Our garden rose bouquets are the product of our passionate desire to bring beautiful, unique and fragrant roses into the homes of those who prefer the subtle charm and romance of roses that bloom outdoors on a bush, just as nature intended. Garden roses evoke feelings of love, nostalgia and luxury and it is our intention to give you the superior experience only roses like ours can bring.

Our bouquets are designed at our farm and no two are the same. We artfully build them by hand, just like a bridal bouquet, so there is equal beauty around the entire bouquet. For this reason, there is no recipe when we create our bouquets. Each rose is hand selected by our designers to be paired with complementary roses and locally grown foliage to create one-of-a-kind bouquets.

We offer complimentary priority overnight shipping for all of our garden rose bouquets.

About Grace Garden Roses

We are often asked what makes our roses different than roses one may find at a floral shop, grocery store or national website. Simply, our roses are sustainably grown outdoors in the USA, have a high petal count, heirloom shape, are beautifully fragrant and cut fresh just a day or two prior to arriving in our customers’ homes. With the majority of roses in the USA coming from overseas and grown indoors, we realize most Americans don’t know what a garden rose is unless they have rose bushes in their own garden. We are proud to be the only rose growers offering field grown garden roses direct to you and hope you fall in love with garden roses just as we have!

What to expect when you receive our roses

When you order roses from us you will you receive highly fragrant and beautiful roses that were garden grown in California. We meticulously and luxuriously package each bouquet and include a note signed by the floral designer who created your bouquet.

Our roses have thorns and we do not remove them, as doing so shortens their vase life. Please take caution when handling your roses.

When we design your bouquet we do so with freshly cut roses that have not yet fully open. Much of the joy of bringing garden grown roses into the house is watching them fully open. Over the course of several days your roses will go from a semi open bud to a full bloom. As they open, their fragrance will fill your home with the many scents of our roses. If you need your roses to be fully open for a particular day, be sure to order them so you receive them 2-3 days in advance.

Our roses can last as long or longer than traditional roses with a few tips:

  1. Keep your roses out of direct heat and sun.
  2. Change water daily.
  3. Keep foliage above the water line in your vase.

We hope you love your roses! Thank you!

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