🍂 Limited Edition Autumn Rose Trio 🍂

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Forty five stems of luxurious, perfumed garden roses

Our best prices ever on three of our most loved roses! Enjoy 45 stems of gorgeous, fragrant garden roses to make your own extra large autumn themed arrangement. If you prefer smaller arrangements, you can make three from this abundance of roses!

This stunning trio of roses includes our most popular wedding varietals requested by nearly every bride who carries our roses down the aisle! Distant Drums, our copper and blush ombré beauty, is a showstopper and unlike any other rose. You have to see it to believe it! Our creamy, latte hued Koko Loko adds the perfect fall warmth to this palette with its caramel scent and our fluffy, cloud-like Bolero roses bring in endless pure rose fragrance that will leave you wanting to constantly stop and smell the roses.

Upon arrival, simply follow our care instructions included in your shipment and place your roses in a vase of your choice at home. Designing with garden roses is so simple because no filler is ever needed. You'll have a beautiful centerpiece for any table or fragrant bouquet by your bedside. There is nothing like drifting off to sleep with the scent of roses in the air!

This is the last time the roses in this trio will produce blooms before our Thanksgiving recess, so we wanted to create a beautiful option for enjoying all three together. As a reminder, we ship our roses freshly cut from our plants when their petals are still in the bud form. You will receive your roses as partially open blooms and upon placing in water, you'll watch them blossom over the next 24 hours. It is beautiful process to witness a rose going from bud to fully open bloom in the vase!

Grace Rose Farm heirloom garden roses are grown organically at our California farm and shipped directly to your home! Our roses are:

  • Non-toxic and free of chemicals
  • Safe for pregnant woman and your precious children
  • Beyond fragrant, making your home smell like a beautiful rose garden
  • Farm to table with no handling in between

To learn about shipping perishables, please read here.

Please note, we can only send to one address per order. If you want to send multiple bouquets for different people, you will need to order each bouquet individually.

The Grace Bouquet

Our bouquets are designed at our farm and no two are the same. We artfully build them by hand, just like a bridal bouquet, so there is equal beauty around the entire bouquet. For this reason, there is no recipe when we create our bouquets. Each rose is hand-selected by our designers to create one-of-a-kind bouquets.

If you need your roses to be fully open for a particular day, be sure to order them so you receive them 2-3 days in advance. Please note, we can only send to one address per order. If you want to send multiple bouquets for different people, you will need to order each bouquet individually. 

The Grace Rose Farm Difference
We are often asked what makes our roses different than roses one may find at a floral shop, grocery store or national website. Simply, our roses are sustainably grown outdoors in the USA, have a high petal count, heirloom shape, are beautifully fragrant and cut fresh just a day or two prior to arriving in our customers’ homes. With the majority of roses in the USA coming from overseas and grown indoors, we realize most Americans don’t know what a garden rose is unless they have rose bushes in their own garden. We are proud to be the only rose growers offering field grown garden roses direct to you and hope you fall in love with garden roses just as we have!
Much care and handling go into each rose that leaves our farm. Shipping perishables is an art form that we have mastered over the years. We package all of our roses with special floral supplies to keep our roses hydrated and cool until arrival. We do our very best to ensure our roses are shipped as perfectly as possible so there is little to no chance of damage by the shipping carrier. If your roses arrive damaged, please let us know so we can contact the shipping carrier and send new roses to you! All of our roses are shipped FedEx Priority Overnight. You do not need to be home to sign for them, however, we ask you to please unpack your roses and follow the directions on care card as soon as possible. You will receive a tracking number upon shipment and delivery confirmation via email.

Learn more about how to care for your fresh garden roses here.

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