We are so excited to be working with you again for the 2021 wedding and event season! We’ve missed you!! Florists have been the biggest supporters of our family farm for the last six years and we sincerely appreciate your love of us and our roses.

Wholesale Pricing

Bulk pricing is available for floral designers with tax exempt status! Please email E'Ana for a 30% discount code for your orders over 5 bunches (100 stems).

Shipping Information

When placing your orders, please keep in mind trying to fill the box. Our roses travel the best when they’re snug in the box.

Small Box: 1-2 bunches (20-40 stems)

Medium Box: 3-4 bunches (60-80 stems)

Large Box: 5-10 bunches (100-200 stems)

Planning Your Orders

Morgan is available to help with your orders! For questions about availability, colors, quantities, etc please email Morgan. Please try to place your orders at least a week in advance of your events. Harvesting and coordinating large wholesale orders takes far more time on our part than retail bouquets. As always, we fulfill wholesale orders first every morning since they’re time sensitive and must get to you on time for your brides/events!

Our rose collection is growing!! We created this collection graphic for you to help in planning your events. All of these varieties will be in bloom by September 2021.

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