Winchester Cathedral

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One of the prettiest English shrub roses, Winchester Cathedral is graced with buds and blooms all season long. A very attractive plant in the garden and one of the most productive white roses we grow! Buds start out red and produce the most pure white, fluffy blooms. This rose could be best described as cloud-like with its feathery petals.

Color: Pure white
Shape: English antique style

Scent: Clean linen 
Bloom Size: 3-4"

Stem Length: 10-12"

Stems per Bunch: 12
A note from Gracie and Ryan:We so appreciate your support of our rose farm. Without floral designers like you who value American grown flowers, we would not be able to live out our dream of growing these beautiful roses. We do all we can to ensure you receive the exact roses you order for your events. However, there are times when we have inclement weather that can cause a shortage or decrease in quality of our roses. As growers, we have had to learn to surrender certain things over to Mother Nature and we greatly appreciate your grace and understanding. In the case that the variety you are expecting becomes unavailable or we see the quality is not up to our standards, we will substitute your order with a similar variety to match your palette. You receiving the stem count you're relying upon from us is our top priority. We will call or email you if we have a shortage and a suitable substitute isn't available so you can make other arrangements. Thank you!

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