Garden of Grace Eau de Parfum

Allure's favorite new beauty product is the perfect gift for your Valentine!

"A whiff of their in-house fragrance, Garden of Grace Rose Eau de Parfum, is totally transportive — the rose notes are so fresh, you feel like you're standing in the middle of their California fields." — Dianna Mazzone, Allure senior beauty editor

The Garden of Grace Rose Eau de Parfum arrives luxuriously packaged in a custom gift box with ribbon, making it ready to give your loved one for Valentine's Day. Shipping is $5 in the continental US.

Our signature eau de parfum, Garden of Grace, transports you to our rose fields by bringing to life the crisp, light scent of garden roses. This elegant fragrance radiates femininity and whimsy, while imparting sweet, floral notes. Infused with the romance and tenderness of our rose petals, we’ve crafted a timeless scent to carry through the seasons. An ode to true rose lovers, our charming perfume exudes effervescent luxury, thanks to a playful blend of nostalgic heirloom florals and carefully selected clean ingredients.Combining Parisian beauty expertise with ethically grown and harvested roses makes for a fragrance experience like no other.

Notes include rose damascena, rose de mai, sea salt, fresh rain, rose geranium, freesia, peony, violet leaf, orris root, floral musk.

Ingredients: organic alcohol, fragrance, eau

60ml \ 2 fl. oz

Grace Rose Farm's Commitment to Sustainable Practices

As current stewards of the land, Gracie and Ryan Poulson have spent years nurturing the soil and rose plants with the utmost care and love. Our standards for Garden of Grace mirror our commitment to ethically farming our garden roses. Garden of Grace is proudly made in the USA.

Formulated without animal-tested ingredients, parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

All formulas are derived with natural essences and extracts of ethically grown and harvested roses from Santa Ynez, California.

All formulas are developed using safe, non-toxic ingredients and have gone through formula stability and bacteriological controls. No formulas are tested on animals. 

We are committed to environmentally sustainable manufacturing processes and our packaging is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.


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