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Meet the Grace Rose Farm Team

Grace Rose Farm

August 11, 2020

Last week we shared with you a look at our operations, none of which would be possible without the incredible Grace Rose Farm team. Today we’d love to introduce you to the people who power our farm and who have a hand in making your bouquets as beautiful as possible. From harvesting and field work, to bouquet making and packaging, each team member plays an instrumental role in our production.

From mid April through to November, Fermin and Bulmaro harvest 40,000 roses per week! Combined, they have twenty years of experience working with roses. They know exactly when to cut the roses and how to cut from them so that they continue to produce roses all season. Harvesting is a 7-day-a-week job and extremely labor intensive. When we started our farm, Gracie did all the harvesting and when she recently had to help out in the field, she was reminded of just how exhausting the work is! In our winter months when the roses aren’t blooming Fermin and Bulmaro work alongside our landscaping team to prune our 30,000 roses for spring.

Landscaping + Maintenance
Juan is our property manager and oversees all of the plant health and maintenance at the farm. He is in charge of watering, fertilizing, pest and disease management, and deadheading the roses so they stay in production. Juan's team of four plants roses, weeds, lays irrigation and keeps the farm beautiful. Although our farm is only 10 acres, it requires multiple people to keep the farm going day to day. Our landscaping and maintenance team is essential to growing roses. Our three Great Pyrenees can be found doing their part overseeing the farm by patrolling the perimeter and occasionally gopher hunting.

Production, Fulfillment + Shipping
Our barn is home to our production team and this is where the majority of the farm’s employees work. We work 7-days-a-week in two shifts (day and night) to get our roses sent to customers. Dan is our production manager and he oversees a team of thirteen people who do everything from supply inventory to processing roses to bouquet making to shipping. When roses come in from the field they have to be moved along the production line quickly so they reach our customers at the perfect time. Production and shipping is the busiest and most stressful part of our business. Many people think of us as just a farm, but we're growers and shippers, which is very rare in the farming world.

Customer Service
Our customer service team is essential to our daily operations. E’Ana oversees our order management, and communicates with customers about their orders. She also hand writes notes to every customer! She tracks down shipments that are delayed in transit and manages over 200 orders everyday. Morgan assists clients with questions and helps to educate people about our product and how to get the most from our roses. She’s been designing weddings with our roses for five years and has extensive expertise in working with flowers, so she knows just how to help our customers get the most from their roses!

Marketing, Publicity + Web
Our web, marketing and publicity team is behind the scenes telling our story and sharing our roses with the world. Abby is our marketing and creative director. She brings the beautiful side of our business to life through photography, social media, blogging and graphic design. Christine is our publicity manager, and helps to tell our story through words. She crafts content, liaisons with the press, and manages some of the larger projects we have in the works.  We have an offsite web development team that manages our website and keeps our business running online. The joint effort of everyone on this team has made Grace Rose Farm grow exponentially in the past year and are taking us in new directions for 2021 and beyond!

Ryan and Gracie are very much involved in the day to day and long term vision for the farm. Ryan oversees HR, financials and farm logistics while Gracie continues working daily with the production team, while holding the dreams and visions for the farm's future. She spends much of her time in the present overseeing orders and making sure the roses are healthy and beautiful, while also strategizing and planning our exciting upcoming projects with the marketing and publicity team.






















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